May 13, 2020

Oregon POLST® Program News
Improving Access to POLST is Essential in Honoring Patients’ Treatment Goals at the End of Life
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Submissions to the Oregon POLST Registry have declined by nearly 40% during the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the following standards have been established to facilitate virtual/by phone POLST form completion:
1. Verbal Orders (following institutional verbal order procedures) are valid and accepted by EMS and the Registry.

2. The Patient or Surrogate Signature is not required on the Oregon POLST form. It is necessary to indicate with whom the POLST form was discussed (Section C).

3. Photocopies of POLST Forms on white paper are valid.

4. Health Care Professionals can download a blank POLST form from the Oregon POLST website to print.
See details on our Professional Resources webpage.

COVID-19 and Particularly Vulnerable People:
A Patient Advocate Perspective

COVID-19 is impacting the lives of everyone worldwide, but there are those who are particularly vulnerable. How can we think about our response ethically and as members of the human race?

Melissa Monner, MS - Associate Director of the OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care and Manager of OHSU Patient Relations considers these issues in these challenging times.

As policies are developed, it is particularly important to give heightened attention in assuring appropriate use of POLST in those with significant disabilities.
The Oregon POLST Program hopes that you and
those you serve remain well and safe during these challenging times.
Anthony Antoville, BFA, CMC
Executive Director, Oregon POLST Program
OHSU - Center for Ethics in Health Care
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