Oregon POLST Program

April 30, 2018

Oregon POLST Program News
Strengthening POLST Education
New POLST Video   
"POLST: When is the Right Time?" is a 3-minute video that illustrates changes in a patient's life by showing the completion of an advance directive while healthy, and a POLST when seriously ill. The new video is available on the Oregon POLST website and on YouTube at
New Five-Minute Presentations for Outpatient and Inpatient Professional Education
Two new slide sets for primary care (MD/DO/NP/PA/ND) and hospitalists are available on the POLST Professional Resource Library. These five-minute slide sets were developed to meet the needs for education to reduce overuse of POLST for those who are "too healthy." Each slide set is designed to be shown in short time slots at business meetings. Email if you would like the PowerPoint version with speaker notes.       
Recent Quality Article   
"POLST: Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins" is a recent article published in Bifocal, the American Bar Association Commission's bi-monthly journal. The author, Charlie Sabatino, J.D., writes "The growth of POLST programs has benefited countless individuals and families facing advanced illness. But it has also brought many challenges in education, quality assurance, and monitoring." Click here to view the article which starts on page 60.
Upcoming Events    
May 17, 2018: 2018 Forum on Aging in Rural Oregon in Pendleton, Oregon. There will be two POLST presentations: "POLST: What's New and What Can We Do Better?" and "Geriatric Traumas, Trauma Transfers & the Role of the POLST in Trauma." Click here for more information.

June 8, 2018: Statewide Palliative Care Conference "Fanning the Flames: Empowering Leaders in Palliative Care" in Redmond, Oregon. Dr. Joan Teno will be the keynote speaker. Click here for more information.
Valerie M. Jimenez
Executive Director, Oregon POLST Program
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Pk Rd, UHN-86
Portland, OR 97239

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