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October 8, 2018

Oregon POLST Program News
POLST Coalition Announcements
2019 Oregon POLST Form Approved
On October 4, the Oregon POLST Coalition approved changes to the 2018 version of the Oregon POLST Form. The 2019 Oregon POLST Form (version 13) will be effective on January 2, 2019, and the Coalition asks that all health systems implement the use of the 2019 form by April 8, 2019. Like all previous versions, the 2019 form is a result of changes and updates suggested by POLST stakeholders, quality data from the Oregon POLST Registry, and published research. The summary of the changes can be found here and in the Oregon POLST Professional Resource Library.

The 2019 form will be available to order online on December 21, 2018, and entities interested in printing their own forms should contact the Oregon POLST Program at
Policy Recommendation for Oregon specific EHR One-Click Access
While the Oregon POLST Coalition has endorsed a one-click access to POLST forms in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) since 2015, the Coalition approved a formal policy recommendation on October 4, 2018. Visit the Oregon POLST Policies and Standards webpage to stay up-to-date on approved recommendations.
Upcoming Events
October 15, 2018: All-City Palliative Care. Diane Meier, MD, will present "The Future of Palliative Care" at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). Click here to view the event.

November 2, 2018: All-City Palliative Care. Joan Teno, MD, MS, will present "The Medical Care Choice Model: Year 1 Evaluation Results" at the Portland VA Medical Center. More information will soon be available at
Valerie M. Jimenez
Executive Director, Oregon POLST Program
3181 SW Sam Jackson Pk Rd, UHN-86
Portland, OR 97239

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