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April 23, 2019

Oregon POLST Program News
Response to Tark et al.: Variations in POLST Programs
Preserving Innovation and Quality Improvement
A Letter to the Editor written by Valerie Jimenez, B.S., Abby Dotson, Ph.D., and Susan Tolle, M.D., shares Oregon's positive experience with interstate transfer of POLST orders. The authors stress the importance of preserving flexibility to make evidence-based quality improvements in POLST forms and procedures. (J Palliat Med. 2019 April 22.
POLST Video Reflects 2019 POLST Form
The updated "Understanding POLST" video is available on the Oregon POLST YouTube channel and the Oregon POLST website. This educational tool can be used to help patients understand the purpose of POLST. It also provides a detailed overview of Section A  (CPR) and Section B (Medical Interventions) of the 2019 Oregon POLST form. Visit the Patient and Family Resource Library for additional educational tools.
Have you made the Change?
The 2019 Oregon POLST form became effective on January 2, 2019, and the Oregon POLST Coalition has asked that all health systems and organizations implement the use of the 2019 form when completing new POLST forms. Please note that all completed earlier versions of POLST forms remain valid.

If your organization needs to order POLST forms, visit Entities interested in printing their own forms should contact the Oregon POLST Program at

Note from the Oregon POLST Registry
For health systems and organizations using paper POLST forms, the original form should be given to patients and a copy sent to the Registry. The Registry serves a repository that allows health care professionals to access POLST orders when an original or copy is not available.

For more information, visit the Oregon POLST Registry website at
Upcoming Events
May 2, 2019: Forum on Aging in Rural Oregon in Lincoln City, Oregon. Valerie Jimenez will present "Empowering Advocates and Navigators to Facilitate POLST Discussions in Their Community." Click here for conference details.

May 9, 2019: Susan Tolle, M.D., will present "POLST: When is the right time?" at Samaritan Evergreen Hospice in Albany, Oregon. This workshop is designed to enhance skills in supporting people as they become more ill and frail. Click here for registration details.

Valerie M. Jimenez
Executive Director, Oregon POLST Program
3181 SW Sam Jackson Pk Rd, UHN-86
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