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September 9, 2019

Oregon POLST Program News
Recent Publications
Dr. Susan Tolle’s Reply to Artificial Nutrition Belongs on POLST provides an update on the first six months of experience with the 2019 Oregon POLST form. Statewide adoption has occurred at a rapid pace. By the final week of June, 81% of forms submitted to the registry were the 2019 version. In the January 2019 JAGS article, It is Time to Remove Feeding Tubes From POLST Forms; Drs. Tolle and Eckstrom discuss in further detail why artificially administered nutrition was removed from the Oregon POLST form.

Dana Zive and colleagues examined multiple data sets in elders entering the trauma system after a fall in an article entitled, Injured Older Adults Transported by Emergency Medical Services: One Year Outcomes by POLST Status. Those with POLST forms with orders for CMO had a 50% mortality at one year.
Prehospital Emergency Care

Dr. Ballou and colleagues recently published, Elderly Patients Presenting to a Level I Trauma Center with Physician Orders for a Life-Sustaining Treatment Form: A Propensity-Matched Analysis. OHSU developed a protocol to consistently review POLST forms of 85-year old trauma patients subsequently with ground-level falls to assure that their POLST forms are identified. The OHSU protocol has been modified to locate POLST forms on all trauma patients 80 and older and is being seen as a national model.
J Trauma Acute Care Surg. doi: 10.1097/TA.0000000000002321

Outreach Education
2019 DHS Provider Alerts Promote Uptake of Innovation
The Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) distributed alerts to: Adult Foster Home Providers, Community Based Care: Assisted Living, Residential Care, Memory Care Facilities, and Nursing Facility Providers. These alerts resulted in orders for more than 75,000 POLST forms and promoted rapid statewide adoption of the 2019 version. The DHS alerts are available online in the Oregon POLST Professional Resource Library.
POLST Coalition Members’ Collaborative Efforts Play a Key Role in Quality Improvement
The OMA article, To POLST or Not to POLST, by Coalition member Mark Bonanno, JD, MPH highlights which patients should be offered a POLST by providing outreach education to OMA members.
Upcoming Events
NAEMSP / Oregon EMS Conference in Salem – On September 27, Dr. Susan Tolle will give a brief presentation and partner with EMS Medical Directors to assure that the elements of the EMS one-page factsheet reach EMS personnel statewide.
Regional Palliative Care Conference, Building Bridges in the South Coast: Improving the Care of Seriously Ill Patients On October 4, Dr. Susan Tolle will present "POLST: New Innovations and Areas for Improvement." Click here to register.
Leadership Transition
From Susan Tolle, M.D., Chair, Oregon POLST Coalition
On behalf of Oregon POLST Leadership, I wish to welcome Anthony Antoville as the new Executive Director of the Oregon POLST Program. Read more.
Anthony Antoville, BFA, CMC
Executive Director, Oregon POLST Program
OHSU - Center for Ethics in Health Care
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd, UHN-86
Portland, OR 97239

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